#2: How to Sew Sustainably with Wendy Ward

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#2: How to Sew Sustainably with Wendy Ward

It’s the second episode of the Check Your Thread podcast, and I’ve got my first guest! Wendy Ward has integrated sustainable thinking into her making so deeply that she has literally written a book called ‘How to Sew Sustainably’! In this conversation Wendy shares tips on sewing more sustainably from her book and from her own sewing life. Plus we discuss the commercialisation of craft and how privilege is often associated with sewing today. And finally Wendy talks about how to keep craft accessible when you’re short on time, money and space.

Wendy Ward’s website and blog can be found HERE.

More details about Wendy’s new book ‘How to Sew Sustainably’ can be found HERE, including links where to buy it.

An example of Wendy’s approach to pieced together fabric technique from the book:

Scrappy collage piece by Wendy:

THIS is the Instagram post where Wendy discusses the commercialisation of, and privilege associated with, craft. The discussion continues in the comments.

Wendy’s craft-crush Claire Wellesley-Smith’s work and books can be found HERE.

Wendy’s favourite craft tool purveyor, Beyond Measure, can be found HERE.

An example of the darning eggs by Do-Well Design:

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3 comments on “#2: How to Sew Sustainably with Wendy Ward

  1. Tanya says:

    This podcast was great to listen to – glad to find it. Really enjoyed Wendy Ward describing her career journey and all those ideas she has about working in a sustainable way. Lovely that, while encouraging us to properly check out if we need new ‘stuff’, she also acknowledges that enjoying special things if you wish/can afford (selectively of course!) can be ok too😄.Lovely podcast, look forward to other episodes with this so important angle on the sewing/textile world.

    1. zoe says:

      Hi Tanya, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed this episode and the discussion with Wendy, and thanks heaps for taking the time to leave this lovely comment to let me know. I totally agree, there are so many benefits to be enjoyed from sewing and making isn’t there? But it’s important to keep the impact it has in check when we can, isn’t it? All the best and thanks again, Zoe x

  2. Helen says:

    I have just discovered your podcast so am late to the comments. Am planning a binge listen very soon. I make all my own clothes apart from a few specialist items and keep a record of how many times I wear them. Everything gets worn at least 10 times per year. I don’t buy much new fabric, mainly when it’s from a shop I want to support or when making for someone else. I don’t like the word sustainable because it means you can carry on doing something indefinitely. I could afford to buy new fabric and sew it up every week but that would not be a good thing for the planet. However its difficult to be perfect and I don’t strive for it. I regard sewing as my main hobby and all hobbies use resources so I just try to buy 2nd hand first but not always because I still want fabric shops to exist. Terms such as organic or sustainability sourced or contains recycled fibres I am wary of because they do not always cover the whole fabric making process.

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