#142: Values Based Spending and Making with Shams el-Din Rogers

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#142: Values Based Spending and Making with Shams el-Din Rogers

Do you practice values-based spending? You probably do, but possibly never thought of it in such terms. In this episode, regular guest Shams el-Din Rogers and I discuss how to align your spending and your making with what’s really important to you. Plus, Shams and I share what we think, or rather hope, our wardrobes broadcast about ourselves!

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Find Shams el-Din Rogers on Instagram @shamseldinrogers.

Listen to her on previous episodes of CYT:

Shams is part of a creative re-use collective called Works in Progress Toronto.

Values based spending is a term coined by Jen and Jill from the Frugal Friends podcast. Listen to a one of their many awesome episodes on the topic:

Shams is a supporter of the Black Women Stitch podcast created by Lisa Woolfork. 

Wawak is a US-based online sewing supplies shop where Shams buys her cotton thread.

At time of recording, Shams had just dropped out of the Last Sewist Standing challenge, and I was still clinging on. Hear about the challenge in full detail:

Shams and I discussed the sustainability of Halloween costumes, including stats I learned whilst researching for:

Shams and I touched on the subject of sewing when you already have enough clothes. This topic was expanded upon in:

One point that was made in this discussion is that the more sustainable option is often to buy or do less. This was an idea explored further in:

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2 comments on “#142: Values Based Spending and Making with Shams el-Din Rogers

  1. Rebecca says:

    Awesome episode! I immediately thought of the book, “Your Money or Your Life,” which we read more than 25 years ago. We sat down every month and examined if our spending in every category should be higher or lower based on our values. Now we do that for a few months when we feel like we aren’t spending our values.

  2. Michele Swanson says:

    I cannot tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your podcast! Doing everything ‘sustainably’ is so important – and so is examining your values and not taking more than you really need from the environment….
    However, I often get the impression from the discussions that the world thinks that sewists are inherently selfish people that sew only to overfill their already bulging closets! Although I do sew my own clothing – all of it – the majority of my sewing is for others. Every new baby in our family or social circle has had their basic needs, sheets, receiving blankets, burp cloths and towels gifted from my sewing room. My grandchildren and, honorary grandchildren get special occassion clothing and everyday things gifted from my sewing room. (Not to mention alterations and repairs!) My adult children (and their spouses) request pajama pants and boxer shorts on the regular and birthday and Christmas gifts come either from the sewing room or off the knitting needles. Each year two or three people, (children and adults) receive a quilt and I’ve also provided quilts for fundraising activities. Depending on how much sewing I’ve done, each year one or more of the littles gets a ‘pouff’ that’s filled with the sewing scraps! – There’s a waiting list for those….LOL. Nothing give me more pleasure that to give something I’ve made and I won’t be giving that up any time soon! When my children were little and money was scarce, I had a friend who was a hairdresser – but she couldn’t sew. Guess what we traded??? In my experience, sewists are among the most giving people I know and we should be encouraging them to share their skill and love for the art.

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