#141: Resourcefulness, Resilience and Wealth with Laura Oldanie

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#141: Resourcefulness, Resilience and Wealth with Laura Oldanie

Have you heard of the multiple forms of capital? It’s the theory  that there are numerous ways in which we can be wealthy, beyond our finances. This week’s guest, Laura Oldanie, is a green living and money coach who talks to me about the concepts and the practicalities related to living a rich and resilient life. As makers, we are used to flexing our creativity and resourcefulness. So let’s investigate how we can apply these skills more broadly to achieve abundance, resilience and wealth. 

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Laura Oldanie has many facets to her work, all of which can be explored via her website.

Follow Laura on Instagram (@rich_resilient) and on YouTube (@lauraoldanie).  

Laura co-authored a book ‘Growing FREE: Building the Life of Your Dreams Without Losing Your Soul or Destroying the Planet’:

I first heard about Laura through The Frugal Friends podcast:

There are many platforms for sharing and acquiring unwanted items, including:

Check out Laura’s course: Towards Regenerative Investing – A Beginner’s Guide.

Invest in regenerative farming in the US via the Go Steward platform

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1 comment on “#141: Resourcefulness, Resilience and Wealth with Laura Oldanie

  1. Sharon says:

    Great episode Zoe. I listened to it twice to absorb all of the information. As always I learn so much from this podcast so thank you for all you do!

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