#139: Behind the Scenes of Podcast Making with Maria Theoharous

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#139: Behind the Scenes of Podcast Making with Maria Theoharous

This is the second part of my conversation with Maria Theoharous in advance of our feed swap next week. In this part we find out just how organised IS the maker of the Sew Organised Style podcast?! Plus we share which of our previous guests have surprised us and how…

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This is the second instalment of a two-part conversation. Listen to the first part:

Maria Theoharous makes the Sew Organised Style podcast

Follow Maria on Instagram (@velosews).  

Days for Girls is an organisation that attempts to eliminate the stigma and limitations associated with menstruation. 

I worked out my manifesto with my friend and former coach, Kim Witten, and encouraged others to do the same in Ep. # 71: Making Personal Manifestos with Kim Witten.

Maria was deeply moved when Denise Archer relayed her experience of living with breast cancer and the after effects

Birgitta Helmersson surprised me with an Australian accent when we met up to record:

The input of the CYT listeners to create the Scrap Strategies episodes have had a direct impact on my sewing.  

One day I would love to record a conversation with Zero Waste Daniel!  

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