#138: Making Sewing Podcasts with Maria Theoharous

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#138: Making Sewing Podcasts with Maria Theoharous

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to make a sewing podcast? Maybe not, but I’ve recorded a conversation with fellow sewing podcaster, Maria Theoharous from Sew Organised Style, that will give you some insights anyway! 

Maria and I came up with lots of fun and illuminating questions to pose to one another. We talked for so long that we’re splitting this chat into two episodes, the second part will come later this week. So press play if you want to know which episodes Maria and I are most proud of, and what mistakes we’ve both made during the making of our podcasts! 

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Maria Theoharous makes the Sew Organised Style podcast

Follow Maria on Instagram (@velosews).  

At the time of recording, I was making my fourth pair of Ginger jeans

This isn’t the Chanel-style jacket that Maria was making at time of recording, but it’s a great example of her jacket-making talents! 

My mum’s sweatshirt made from scraps:

The Sewcialists was an incredible community blog that focused on sewing. All the previous posts are still available to enjoy. 

Susan Young has appeared in many episodes of Sew Organised Style. You can hear them all, including the conversation that helped Maria get her Sewjo back during lockdown. 

Maria’s episode with Marcia Lois Riddington (@marcialoisriddington on Instagram) is one that feels very representative of Sew Organised Style’s output. 

I am proud of the success of the Seasonal Stash organisation system (Ep. #119). Download the free PDF version

I was also very happy with Ep. #107: Sewing is Political

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