#132: A season of mending with Jeanna Wigger

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#132: A season of mending with Jeanna Wigger

Dedicating an entire season to acts of mending is a bold move. As you may know, the most recent round of the Winter of Care and Repair challenge just wrapped up. In this episode the challenge’s creator, Jeanna Wigger, and I catch up to review the experience, both as individual participants and as members of this vibrant and inspiring global community of menders. So whether you’re in the southern hemisphere with Winter just round the corner, or you’re in the northern hemisphere and the next round is some way off, you’ll find out what benefits it could bring you, should you decide to participate. 

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Listen to my previous conversation with Jeanna about the challenge:

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Jeanna tested out multiple methods of lightweight sock repair and reviewed the results. 

Image source: Jeanna Wigger

Examples of Jeanna’s mending, all of which fit within her definition of a mend that is hidden in plain sight, designed to look like it’s “supposed to be there.”:

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