#130: Zoe & Kim go to The Stitch Festival

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#130: Zoe & Kim go to The Stitch Festival

How can you attend a large sewing event more sustainably? Is it possible to avoid getting overwhelmed, to avoid regrettable impulse purchases and to actually enjoy yourself? I take my pal and previous-guest Kim Witten to her first major sewing event, The Stitch Festival in London. We gather advice on how to make the most of these events whilst getting inspired, making considered purchases and connecting with the wonderful sewing community. 

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Show notes:

**Click here to find the How to Sew Clothes from Fabric Scraps downloadable PDF**

Kim and I went to The Stitch Festival in London in March 2024. 

Kim Witten is a Transformational Coach and Research Consultant. 

Listen to Kim in previous episodes:

Kim enjoyed the printed jerseys on the Dots ‘n’ Stripes stand.

Zoe and Kim spoke to Charlotte (IG @lottejamiesoncrafts) on the Emporia Patterns stand. Emporia recently released two new patterns: Tony Shirt and Zoe Dress patterns.

Vicki Reid’s new fabric designs and buttons were produced in collaboration with Pigeon Wishes and can be found on her website What Vicki Made, along with her woven labels.  

Sharon from Maven Patterns gave excellent advice about taking photos of things you like before committing to buying them. Listen to Sharon’s husband Richard on the podcast:

Fauve (IG @sew_fauve) and Asmaa (IG @sewgical_endeavours) from GBSB 2024 are collaborating as Imperfectly Perfect (IG @imperfectlyperfectbyfna) to run sewing classes in South Wales.

My lovely colleague Claire was working on the Fabric Godmother stand wearing a dress made using the Vali Dress & Top pattern from Pattern Fantastique.

We bumped into previous-guest Tony Rea (IG @tonyr.maker). Listen to the episode:

Kim plans to use her olive green denim to make the Cosecha Pants pattern by Sew Liberated.

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