#126: Sew the Precious with Stephanie Canada

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#126: Sew the Precious with Stephanie Canada

Are there fabrics in your stash that you’re just too scared to cut into? I talk with Stephanie Canada, vintage sewing pattern and fabric seller, about when and why it’s ok to use the precious fabric. Plus she shares her sourcing secrets, and tells us when it’s important to chuck vintage sewing resources in the bin… 

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The website I used to research the sustainability credentials of various banks is bank.green

Find Stephanie’s shop at her website ‘Backroom Finds’. 

You can also find her on Instagram @backroomfinds and on Youtube @StephanieCanada.

Listen to the first episode with Stephanie:

Stephanie bought an entire sewing shop!

Stephanie recommends these reproduction pattern companies:

@WithLoveKristina on Youtube is Stephanie’s pal. 

My most precious length of fabric:

Listen to:

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4 comments on “#126: Sew the Precious with Stephanie Canada

  1. Heidi Winter says:

    My favorite thrift store (which I’m pretty sure earns most of their money through the slot machines up front) always has craft supplies. They are hidden under the clothing racks and I’m normally ass over tea kettle digging things out, being stared out like I’m a crazy person. Cotton for $2 a yard, I’ll be crazy.

    1. Zoe says:

      Hi Heidi! Thanks so much for leaving this awesome comment! A thrift store with slot machines?! Do you live in Las Vegas? So glad they didn’t chuck the vintage craft supplies out though so you can hunt them out for yourself whilst everyone else plays the slots hahaha! x

  2. Jen in Oz says:

    The closest I have to any vintage fabric came from my mother’s stash – I inherited it about 20 years ago. Her stash wasn’t big – I think she only bought fabric when she actually had a plan for it. But in amongst her stash was a small-ish piece of bright canary yellow net. In 1974 she made me a romantic tutu from this colour net for my ballet concert. I don’t have the tutu any more, I don’t even have a photo of me in it. (But I did find a photo online of someone else who was wearing the same tutu in my concert, and it matches my memory of the tutu.) I can’t see myself ever using it for anything (it’s too small). But there’s no way I’m going to throw it out either.

    1. Zoe says:

      Hi Jen, oh how lovely that you still have some of that fabric! IMO, I don’t think that yellow net should actually be in your stash at all. I feel like that is more of a momento than fabric, you know? That should be kept somewhere else, in the place that you keep items that hold important memories. Thanks so much for sharing your story with me, x

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