#118: Last Sewist Standing with Lise Bauer

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#118: Last Sewist Standing with Lise Bauer

Could you go for a year without buying fabric? Or even a couple of months? I speak to Lise Bauer about what Last Sewist Standing, the ultimate stash busting challenge that she created, can do for you. In this episode, the second in the Fabric Stash mini-series, we discuss shopping habits and motivations, perfectionism, habit building, resourcefulness, community, accountability and so so much more. Plus you NEED to hear how Lise’s own challenge went this year. As you can hear in the episode, I was SHOCKED!

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Check out the IG posts relating to the #lastsewiststanding challenge.

I first discovered the challenge through regular-guest, Shams el-Din Rogers, the ‘unofficial winner’ of the second year of the challenge. 

The ‘unofficial winner’ of the first year of the challenge was Wilma Gerlsma @vladivos.

Discover many of the participants through the comments on Lise’s most recent check-in post.

Wilma wrote an excellent blog post about her relationship to fabric and fabric buying. 

Lise is on a roll, making pouches for everyone she knows! 

Lise is using the Pipa the Pouch pattern by Sewing Patterns by Masin, which is free when you sign up to the newsletter. 

Image source: Sewing Patterns by Masin 

You can read my road test of the Pipa the Pouch pattern on my blog as part of my Free Pattern Friday blog post series

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4 comments on “#118: Last Sewist Standing with Lise Bauer

  1. Sharon says:

    This was a phenomenal episode. You are both so knowledgeable and “down to earth”. Y’all make everyone feel included plus you make everyone laugh! I really wish I could have seen @sozoblog’s face when @miss.taeschli told her about 12meters of new fabric!😂 This challenge and all the people I’ve “met” within this community have changed my perspective in more ways than just sewing. Thank you all so much! Giddyup to the next LSS!

    1. Zoe says:

      Hi Sharon, thanks so so so much for this lovely comment! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave it, I’m thrilled that you enjoyed it so much. Giddyup indeed! x

  2. Karen Kershaw says:

    I’m hoping for a 2024 of way more sewing, and slow sewing from my stash…
    I’m extremely curious how big your stashes are Zoe and Lise?

    1. Zoe says:

      Hi Karen,

      thanks so much for your comment! Well, I can say that my own stash is about 32 lengths of fabric (1m – 4m), but my collection of scraps dwarfs the lengths. As for Lise, she recently disclosed her fabric stash stats in a Youtube live with Stash Hub App that you can watch back at their Youtube channel! It’s here:

      Thanks and all the best x

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