#115: Winter of Care and Repair with Jeanna Wigger

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#115: Winter of Care and Repair with Jeanna Wigger

Is your pile of items to be repaired getting out of hand? Do you struggle to find the motivation to tackle it all? My guest, Jeanna Wigger, invented a challenge called Winter of Care and Repair, and it might be just the push you need to get on top of things! We talk about the fun and satisfaction that can be found through acts of repair, as well as the unique challenges and growth opportunities that come through completing a season-long personal project.

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Jeanna Wigger wearing an outfit of invisibly mended clothes:

You can follow Jeanna on Instagram @thepeoplesmending.

The challenge was previously mentioned on the podcast in my conversation with regular guests Shams:

Engage with other participants via the hashtags #winterofcareandrepair and #winterofcareandrepair2023.

Jeanna and I are both fans of writer and podcaster Gretchen Rueben. Gretchen developed the Four Tendencies personality framework, of which I am obsessed! 

Katrina Rodabaugh, author of ‘Mending Matters’, played a key role in Jeanna’s mending journey. 

Jeanna’s beautifully mended knit cardigan:

Previous guest, Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald, creatively mended this stained toddler top:

Image source: Erin Lewis-Fitzgerald

Additional ideas of what could constitute an act of repair from Jeanna:

– laundry care! level up your stain removal knowledge or learn about alternatives to washing such as spot cleaning or alcohol spritzes to refresh clothes between washes

– depill a sweater with an electric depiller or a sweater comb

– jewelry repair – fix a clasp or replace a battery in a watch (or take those items to a repair shop)

– hand wash and air out wool knitwear

– use a leather treatment on leather handbags, boots, jackets, furniture, etc

– replace worn shoelaces

– clean up or polish shoes

– overdye a garment or other textile that needs a refresh

– alter a garment for yourself or someone else

– repair something with stitches that isn’t clothing (like a pillow, bag, dog toy, curtain, etc). Remember, anything with stitches can be mended! 

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