#102: Sustainability in Food Production with Helen Metcalfe

Check Your Thread
Check Your Thread
#102: Sustainability in Food Production with Helen Metcalfe

What is the right choice when buying produce, the loose items, or the organic versions that are wrapped in plastic? Should we be worried about soil degradation and our ability to feed a growing global population? What are the trade-offs we need to make to increase crop yields whilst also protecting biodiversity? We all wear clothes and we all eat food, so if you’re interested in the sustainability of one, it’s likely you have questions relating to the other. In this episode, agricultural scientist and sewist Helen Metcalfe patiently answers all of mine! 

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Helen works at Rothamsted Research

My IG post that kicked off the whole debate over the validity and purpose of the ‘dirty dozen’. 

The Royal Horticultural Society website is a great source of information for those wanted to grow some of their own fruit and vegetables.  

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN has heaps of information if you wish to learn more about food security across the globe. 

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